I Feel Real and I Really Don’t Want To

cut it off

What a stupid week it’s been. I’m finally regathering my wits after a week-long drunk. It wasn’t too good.

It started last weekend on a Friday. I didn’t feel good and I felt like getting drunk, so that’s mostly what I did. Scott went out that night and I had the place to myself and some time to myself for once in a long time. I had some gin and got sad.

Saturday was just a hangover.

Sunday I hung out with Mandy and we split a bottle of whiskey and talked a bunch about our old friend Aaron. He was great, but he’s stuck out in the burbs now and we all miss him like crazy.

Monday was another hangover.

Tuesday I dreamt Aaron was hanging around as a ghost.

Wednesday I ate a pizza I stole.

Thursday I clogged Scott’s toilet.

But mostly I just ate marshmallows on the couch watching Freaks and Geeks.

This weekend was kind of fucked, too. Friday I got drunk with Robby and his girl Dre and we did a bunch of blow and didn’t get to sleep till 6am, since I kept them up all night talking their goddamn ears off and having another meltdown. I should stop being so open with people, I think. It’s a very unattractive quality, to just cry all over everyone all the time.

Anyway, I puked everywhere when I got back to Scott’s the next morning.

A long week of bad nights is what it was. I don’t remember most of it, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be proud of any of it. I’m just hoping for a better week this time.

And needless to say, Scott’s sick to death of me. Might be time to find a new couch, wouldn’t you say?


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