Scott and the Party Outside

Couch 3: Scott

Rating: 3/10

Pros: couch is alright for sleeping I guess

Cons: Scott, red walls, asshole friends, Scott

couch in red room

Staying at Scott’s tonight. He’s having a party because it’s a Saturday. Everyone’s outside drinking beers and grilling with music, and from inside on the couch it just sounds like a whole lot of noise. I have no interest in joining. Tonight’s one of those nights where I’m stuck in my head and watching some old scenes play out on repeat, and I’m full of regrets and guilt, and still I feel like shit about it. I’ve noticed it comes in kind of waves, and this one’s tidal.

I keep worrying one of them from outside might come in and ask me why I’m in here on the couch with my stomach twisted in knots instead of out there with them and the music and all the supposed good-times, but no one has come yet and I doubt they will, which is all okay by me. Sometimes some time alone is everything you need, but those times don’t seem come around too often when all your time is time spent couchsurfing, so when you do find yourself with some time to yourself, you might as well make the most of it stay in for good. Confined to the couch again. Always in someone’s space, it seems.

I just want to sleep and never wake up.


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