Morris & Mandy & Woodward

Couch 2: Morris & Mandy & Woodward

Rating: 7/10

Pros: Mandy, comfortable leather couch, lots of drinking, Woodward

Cons: Morris, lots of arguing, Woodward

pink flamingo on couch

My new hosts are some old friends. We’ll call them Morris and Mandy. They’re a couple supposedly in love. They have a couch from the alleyway, which is not actually as crumby as I had imagined. They also have this pink flamingo named Woodward, who I can only assume came from the very same alley. He’s alright, I guess.

Anyway, they gave me a blanket and pillow to use since I had to get rid of mine in the move. Right now, they’re really hollering in the other room. I thought I caught one of them say, “I swear to God, if you eat that, I’m getting drunk tonight,” and the response was like, “It’s fucking Tuesday. I’ll just put some salt on it,” or something, so I’m hiding out on the couch for the night until this all blows over.

Gonna be hangin’ with Woodward for a few days at least…


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