St. Holiday

Couch 1: Jamie

Rating: 8/10

Pros: ample space, soft cushions/pillows, cat is cute, Jamie

Cons: beige, cat makes me sneeze

beige couch

Hi, I’m Taylor, and recently I became sort of homeless because a terrible thing happened. I’m couchsurfing in Chicago now so I don’t have to live under a bridge, and I’m keeping a journal of sorts because a year from now I’ll look back on this time strangely. I’ll wonder if it really was, and these stories will tell me yes.

This is where I’ll be staying for now. My friend Jamie was nice enough to offer up her couch. Sometimes I like inventing new names for people, so we’ll call her St. Holiday for now. She has a cat who is very nice, but he makes me sneeze.

Thanks for sticking with me, here. This is something different. This is my Space Vacation.



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